My mornings couldn’t have been more beautiful, Seeing your tiny little hands hugging the teddy with love, You yawning with your tiny mouth,
And you smiling at me with your rosy lips have been pure bliss! I can wake up to watch this, every day of my life!

The happiness and joy that a mother experiences when she looks at her little one cannot be explained in words. Only the mama’s eye can savor those little emotions!

Dear papas and mamas! I am Aju! The happy camera mama!

My journey began by capturing my little girl’s giggles and wriggles. I must say she is quite the expression queen! Her emotions and excitement lay there in plain sight and I couldn’t stop myself from seizing those moments of joy. Her smile is very contagious and so is her sob! The lens of my camera projected her innocence with utmost beauty. I lost track of time staring at those photographs.

My passion grew with her! From hairbands to piggytails, the voyage has been fascinating. Being a mom has given me the right leverage! My lens see’s the little one with a new eye! There is a bond which creates magic. It has been 6 years but it all seems like yesterday. I keep looking for ventures to capture the cuteness and frame the fascination. Get in touch to gaze at your baby in new light!